Music From A.A.N.M.I. Composers

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«Music From A.A.N.M.I. Composers”

1 CD

Τιμή: €12.50


Davóne Tines (Bass-Baritone), Marek Szpakiewicz (Cello), Benjamin Salisbury (Piano), Matthew Aucoin (Piano), GaHyun Cho (Violin), Ryu Goto (Violin).

Asia / America New Music Institute Los Angeles Ensemble – Yuga Cohler.

Founded in 2013 by composer Chad Cannon, AANMI is a consortium of some of the finest young Asian and American composers and performing artists who have joined forces to unite an often fragmentary international music scene by reaching beyond geographic, musical, and cultural boundaries with their new music. This exciting Delos release, the first from AANMI, features Asian members and composers Sayo Kosugi (Japan), Xiaogang Ye (China), Sun-Young Park (Korea) and Narong Prangcharoen (Thailand) as well as participating American members: composers Matthew Aucoin and Chad Cannon, and conductor Yuga Cohler. Solo artists featured in this choice selection of new music are Japanese violinist Ryo Goto and American bass-baritone Davone Tines, performing with the accomplished musicians of the AANMI Los Angeles Ensemble under Yuga Cohler’s deft direction.