Purcell: Theatre Music

Κλασική Μουσική

“Purcell: Theatre Music”

6 CD

Τιμή: €18.00

Henry Purcell A Dialogue between Thirsis and Daphne: Why, my Daphne, why complaining, Z525,
A Fool's Preferment, or The Three Dukes of Dunstable: incidental music, Z571,
Abdelazer or The Moor's Revenge: incidental music, Z570,
Ah me! to many deaths (from Regulus or The Faction of Carthage, Z586),
Amphitryon or The Two Sosias: incidental music, Z572,
Beneath a poplar's shadow (from Sophonisba or Hannibal's Overthrow, Z590),
Bonduca or The British Heroine – incidental music, Z574,
Chacony in G minor – for Two Violins, Viola and Bass Z730,
Circe: incidental music, Z575,
Distressed Innocence or The Princess of Persia: incidental music, Z577,
Don Quixote: incidental music, Z578,
Epsom Wells: Leave these useless arts, Z579,
Henry the Second, King of England: incidental music, Z580,
How happy's the husband (from Love Triumphant or Nature Will Prevail, Z582),
I see she flies me ev'rywhere (from Aureng-Zebe or The Great Mogul, Z573),
My dearest, my fairest (from Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country, Z585),
My wife has a tongue (from The English Lawyer, Z594),
No, no, poor suff'ring heart (from Cleomenes, the Spartan Hero, Z576),
Oedipus: incidental music, Z583,
Oh! how you protest…'Twas within a furlong, (from The Mock Marriage, Z605),
Oroonoko: Celemene, pray tell me, Z584,
Overture in D minor Z771,
Overture in G minor Z772,
Overture in G minor, Z770,
Pavan No.1 in A major, Z.748,
Pavan No.4 in G minor, Z.751,
Pavan for Three Violins and Bass in G minor – Z752,
Pavan in A minor for two violins and bass, Z749,
Pavan in B flat major, Z750,
Sir Anthony Love or the Rambling Lady – incidental music, Z588,
Sir Barnaby Whigg or No Wit Like a Woman's: Blow, Blow, Boreas blow, Z589,
Sweeter than Roses (from Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country, Z585),
The Canterbury Guests or A Bargain Broken: Good neighbour why?, Z591,
The Double Dealer – incidental music, Z592,
The Fatal Marriage or The Innocent Adultery – incidental music, Z595,
The Female Virtuosos: Love, thou art best, Z596,
The Gordion Knot Untied – incidental music, Z597,
The History of King Richard the Second or The Sicilian Usurper: Retir'd from any mortal's sight, Z581,
The Indian Emperor or The Conquest of Mexico: I look'd and saw within, Z598,
The Knight of Malta: At the close of the ev'ning, Z599,
The Libertine or The Libertine Destroyed – incidental music, Z600,
The Maid's Last Prayer, or Any Rather than Fail – incidental music, Z601,
The Marriage-Hater Match'd: incidental music, Z602,
The Married Beau or The Curious Impertinent – incidental music, Z603,
The Old Bachelor,
The Richmond Heiress or A Woman Once in the Right, Z608,
The Rival Sisters or The Violence of Love – incidental music, Z609,
The Spanish Friar or The Double Discovery: Whilst I with grief, Z610,
The Virtuous Wife or Good Luck At Last – incidental music, Z611,
The Wife's Excuse, or Cuckolds make themselves – incidental music, Z612,
Theodosius, or The Force of Love – incidental music, Z606,
There's not a swain (from Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, Z587),
Thy genius lo! (from The Massacre of Paris, Z604),
Trio Sonata, for violin, bass viol and organ, Z780,
Tyrannic Love or The Royal Martyr – incidental music, Z613.


Christopher Keyte (Baritone), Michael George (Bass), David Thomas (Bass), Geoffrey Shaw (Bass), James Bowman (Counter-Tenor), Elizabeth Lane (Soprano), Prudence Lloyd (Soprano), Emma Kirkby (Soprano), Judith Nelson (Soprano), Joy Roberts (Soprano), Martyn Hill (Tenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (Tenor), Paul Elliott (Tenor), Julian Pike (Tenor), Peter Bamber (Tenor), Alan Byers (Tenor).

Taverner Choir.

Academy of Ancient Music – Christopher Hogwood.