Sung Plays Enescu, Mazzou, Britten, Visconti, Prokofiev

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«Sung Plays Enescu, Mazzou, Britten, Visconti, Prokofiev»

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Benjamin Britten Suite Op. 6.
George Enescu Impressions d'enfance for violin and piano, Op. 28.
Missy Mazzou Dissolve, O My Heart.
Gabriel Prokofiev Sleeveless Scherzo for Solo Violin.
Dan Visconti Rave-Up for Violin and Piano.


William Wolfram (Piano), Janet Sung (Violin).

Edge of Youth represents a time when one starts to discover a new, more mature version of their own voice or self. We find confidence in that voice when we allow ourselves to go to the edge of what is known or comfortable. Brought up steeped in the traditions of classical music, and deeply influenced by some of the greatest violinists of the old world , this album represents some of that artistic journey for me. In curating this collection of works by masters Britten, Ensecu and three young, dynamic living composers, Missy Mazzoli, Dan Visconti and Gabriel Prokofiev, I gravitated towards works that were striking to me and in some ways unexpected. Whether it was a new sound world, a new perspective on an old familiar work, or the surprising way certain works profoundly grew in their impact. Each of these works are dramatic, visceral; some also have moments of soaring lyricism, intimacy, even ethereal and otherworldly. They both embrace and challenge classical traditions, consciously or subconsciously. With their craft and unique sense of style, these composers challenge the artist to forget about the technicalities of the instrument asking them to become a storyteller through nuance, shading, and color. Taking in all of our personal influences, we hopefully take flight into our own artistic vision. These works have taken me on a journey that I will continue to traverse.

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