Puccini In Love

Κλασική Μουσική

“Puccini In Love”

1 CD

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Giacomo Secondo Maria Puccini Mario! Mario! Mario! …Son qui! … Mia gelosa! (from Tosca),
O soave fanciulla (from La Bohème) (Love duet),
Puccini: Il Tabarro: "Dimmi: perché gli hai chiesto",
Puccini: Il Tabarro: "È bel altro il mio sogno",
Puccini: La Fanciulla del West, Act II: "Minnie che dolce nome",
Puccini: La Rondine, Act II: "Paulette!",
Puccini: La Rondine, Act III: "Nella tua casa",
Puccini: Manon Lescaut: "Vedete? Io son fedele",
Tu, tu, amore tu (from Manon Lescaut),
Viene la sera (from Madama Butterfly) (Love Duet).


Aleksandra Kurzak (Soprano), Roberto Alagna (Tenor).

Sinfonia Varsovia – Riccardo Frizza.

“Puccini In Love” is the first album by the award winning operatic tenor superstar Roberto Alagna and his wife, soprano Aleksandra Kurzak. Together they are the golden couple of the opera world. The album features some of Puccini’s greatest love duets including Madama Butterfly, La Bohème, Manon Lescaut as well as lesser known duets including Il Tabarro and La Rondine. Puccini in Love showcases some of Puccini’s most emotional and passionate operatic work. Puccini’s command of melody is truly unique to his time and combined with his orchestration creates cinematic and passionate compositions. Roberto Alagna has transcended genre’s through his music—not only is he an opera superstar but he has crossed over into other genre’s of music making his work easily accessible to many types of audiences. Aleksandra and Roberto have performed at some of the greatest opera houses across the world including The Royal Opera House in London, The Metropolitan Opera and La Scala.

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