Schubert: Complete Piano Music For Four Hands

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«Schubert: Complete Piano Music For Four Hands»

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Franz Peter Schubert 3 Marches héroïques D602,
4 Polonaises, Op. 75, D. 599,
8 Variations on a Theme from Herold's "Marie", Op. 82, D. 908,
Allegro moderato in C major and Andante in A minor, D. 968,
Divertissement à la Hongroise D818,
Divertissement über französische in B minor: Andantino Varié, D823/II,
Duo in A minor, Allegro ‘Lebensstürme', D947,
Eight Variations on a French song, in E minor D624,
Fantasie in C minor for piano duet, D48 'Grande Sonate',
Fantasie in F minor for piano duet, D940,
Fantasie in G major for piano duet, D1,
Fantasie in G minor for piano duet, D9,
Four Ländler D814,
Fugue in E minor D 952,
German Dance (with two trios and two ländler) D618,
Grand Duo Sonata in C major, D812 ("Symphony" after the Sonata in C major for piano duet, Op. post. 140),
Grande Marche Funèbre in C minor, D859 (March on the Death of Alexandra I),
Grande Marche héroïque in A minor, D 885 (March on the Assession of Nicholas I),
March in G major, D928 'Kindermarsch' (Children's March),
Marches Militaires (3), D733,
Marches caractéristiques (2), D886,
Overture D 668 in G minor for piano duo,
Overture D 675 in F major for piano duo,
Rondo for piano duet in A major, D951 (Grand Rondeau),
Rondo for piano duet in D major, D608,
Six Grand Marches D819,
Six Polonaises, D824,
Sonata in B flat major, D.617,
Variations in A flat major on a original theme, D813,
Variations in B flat major, D968A (D603).


Tal & Groethuysen.

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