Stäbler: Karas Krahen – Gagaku

Κλασική Μουσική

«Stäbler: Karas Krahen – Gagaku»

1 CD

Τιμή: €14.00

Gerhard Stäbler Gagaku,
Karas Krahen,
Palst des Schweigens.

The productions of the CD series EDITION ZKM, ranging from digital synthesis and algorithmic composition to the integration of live electronics, from radio art to sound installation, encompass a broad spectrum of that locus where digital technology stimulates musical fantasy.
«Karas.Krahen» is a musical-emotional attempt to make sense of that which, in Asia as well as in the Western world since days of old, has been attributed to ravens. Mayumi Miyata proves her mastery on the Japanese sho by playing the traditional court music Gagaku (sounds that come out of silence and return to it again) and Stabler’s virtuosic compositions.

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