Stabler: Desires – Kybele – Roses –

Κλασική Μουσική

«Stabler: Desires – Kybele – Roses -«

1 CD

Τιμή: €19.00

Gerhard Stäbler Kybele,
Spices (3),
X – fur verschlusse,


Annette Robbert (Soprano).

Schlagquartett Köln.

Percussion instruments have occupied a particularly important place in Gerhard Stabler’s compositions for many years: In his works, the percussion instruments never have merely a rhythmic function; instead, their possibilities for magical and ritual (sound) effects are fully explored. His goal is always to stimulate the listener’s senses and fantasy, to awaken them to new and unexpected possibilities of perception and thinking, e.g. by using elements such as gestures or (dance) movement, light direction, or even the use of olfactory elements – or uncommon instruments as he does in «X fur Verschlusse [for fasteners]. Soprano Annette Robbert and Schlagquartett Koln are the ideal interpreters for this adventurous music.

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