Edition Fischer-Dieskau Vol. 3 – Beethoven Folksongs

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«Edition Fischer-Dieskau Vol. 3 – Beethoven Folksongs»

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Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Baritone), Michael Raucheisen (Piano).

RIAS Kammerchor.

Beethoven: Come fill, fill, my good fellow!, Op. 108 No. 13
Beethoven: Could this ill world, Op. 108 No. 16
Beethoven: Der Morgenwind umspielt mein Haar, WoO 152 / 4
Beethoven: Der Wandernde Barde WoO157 / 11
Beethoven: Enchantress, Farewell, Op. 108 No. 18
Beethoven: Faithfu’ Johnie, Op. 108 No. 20
Beethoven: God save the King, WoO 157 / 1
Beethoven: La Gondoleta, WoO 157 / 12
Beethoven: Morgen für Grillen ein Hüter ist, WoO152 / 21
Beethoven: Music, Love and Wine, Op. 108 No. 1
Beethoven: Nora von Blalmagairy WoO153 / 8
Beethoven: O swiftly glides the bonny boat, Op. 108 No. 19
Beethoven: Oh Mary at thy window be, Op. 108 No. 17
Beethoven: Oh! Sweet were the hours, Op. 108 No. 3
Beethoven: Save me from the grave and wise WoO154 / 8
Beethoven: Since greybeards inform us
Beethoven: The Dairy House, WoO 155 No. 17
Beethoven: The Damsels of Cardigan WoO155 / 16
Beethoven: The Highland Watch, Op. 108 No. 22
Beethoven: The pulse of an Irishman, WoO 154 No. 4
Beethoven: The Shepherd’s Song, Op. 108 No. 23
Beethoven: WoO 152 Nr. 3 “Düstrer Dezember”

Though he certainly had the talent for it, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau rarely took on humorous roles in the theater or concert hall. That he had a superb command of comic nuance is proved not only by his stunning personification of Falstaff in Verdi’s final opera, but by his performances of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh folk songs. In 1952 Fischer-Dieskau joined forces with the celebrated pianist Michael Raucheisen, two other instrumentalists, and the RIAS Chamber Chorus to record twenty-two folk songs from Ireland and Great Britain. The arrangements stem from none other than Ludwig van Beethoven, who dispatched a good many folk-song arrangements to Edinburgh for a handsome fee. The listener learns a great deal about love and nature, conviviality, national pride, and wine consumption in the British Isles – and can hear how supremely Fischer-Dieskau wields his baritone, from unin­hibited drinking songs to embodiments of innocent love.

The historical publications at audite are based, without exception, on the original tapes from broadcasting archives. In general these are the original analogue tapes, which attain an astonishingly high quality, even measured by today‘s standards, with their tape speed of up to 76 cm/sec. The remastering – professionally competent and sensitively applied – also uncovers previously hidden details of the interpretations. Thus, a sound of superior quality results. CD publications based on private recordings from broadcasts cannot be compared with these.

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