Edition Fischer-Dieskau Vol. 4 – Beethoven and Brahms Lieder

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«Edition Fischer-Dieskau Vol. 4 – Beethoven and Brahms Lieder»

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Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Baritone), Hertha Klust (Piano).

Beethoven: An die Hoffnung, Op. 94
Beethoven: Andenken, WoO 136
Beethoven: In questa tomba oscura, WoO.133
Beethoven: Maigesang, Op. 52 No. 4
Beethoven: Marmotte, Op. 52 No. 7
Beethoven: Mephistos Flohlied, Op. 75, 3
Beethoven: Neue Liebe, Neues Leben, Op. 75, 2
Beethoven: Sehnsucht, Op. 83, 2
Beethoven: Wonne der Wehmut, Op. 83 No. 1
Beethoven: Zärtliche Liebe ‘Ich liebe dich’, WoO 123
Brahms: Abenddämmerung, Op. 49 No. 5
Brahms: Botschaft, Op. 47 No. 1
Brahms: Dein blaues Auge, (No. 8 from Acht Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 59)
Brahms: Ein Sonett, Op. 14 No. 4 (Herder)
Brahms: Eine gute, gute Nacht (No. 6 from Acht Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 59)
Brahms: Es träumte mir (No. 3 from Acht Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 57)
Brahms: Heimkehr, Op. 7 No. 6
Brahms: Mondenschein, Op. 85 No. 2
Brahms: Sommerabend, Op. 85 No. 1
Brahms: Ständchen, Op. 106 No. 1
Brahms: Wie rafft’ ich mich auf Op. 32,1 (v.Platen)

This tribute from the literary scholar and contemporary witness Hans Mayer makes it clear that young Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau’s admirers came from all age groups and all walks of life, from intellectuals to returning prisoners-of-war, from Hans Mayer to Wilhelm Furtwängler. Beginning in the late 1940s “FiDi,” as he was already known in his Berlin years, elevated lied singing to an unparalleled level associated with his mellifluous baritone, superb vocal technique, and the credibility of his interpretations. Fortunately the persuasive powers of his early years are attested to not only by ear witnesses but by many radio recordings. These two sets of lieder by Johannes Brahms (including Abenddämmerung and Ständchen) and Ludwig van Beethoven are taken from two recording sessions held at Berlin’s RIAS broadcasting company in 1951/52. Beethoven’s lieder did not belong to the standard repertoire at the time, and it was Fischer-Dieskau who first popularized them.

The historical publications at audite are based, without exception, on the original tapes from broadcasting archives. In general these are the original analogue tapes, which attain an astonishingly high quality, even measured by today‘s standards, with their tape speed of up to 76 cm/sec. The remastering – professionally competent and sensitively applied – also uncovers previously hidden details of the interpretations. Thus, a sound of superior quality results. CD publications based on private recordings from broadcasts cannot be compared with these.

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