Reimann, A: Lear

Κλασική Μουσική

«Reimann, A: Lear»

2 CD

Προσφορά: €12.00

Aribert Reimann Lear.


Dietrich Volle (Bass), Johannes Martin Kränzle (Bass-Baritone), Wolfgang Koch (Bass-Baritone), Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet (Soprano), Britta Stallmeister (Soprano), Magnus Baldvinsson (Tenor), Graham Clark (Tenor), Frank van Aken (Tenor), Hans-Jürgen Lazar (Tenor).

Choir of the Frankfurt Opera.

Frankfurt Opera and Museums Orchestra – Sebastian Weigle.

The uncompromising course of Shakespeare’s play is mirrored in this contemporary opera in two parts (sung in German), music whose almost tangible energy catapults the listener into a realm of irresistible fantasies. Sebastian Weigle, new conductor-in-chief at the Oper Frankfurt, is the director of music.