Cesti: L’ Orontea

Κλασική Μουσική

«Cesti: L' Orontea»

3 CD

Προσφορά: €15.00

Pietro Antonio Cesti L' Orontea.


Katharina Magiera (Alto), Sebastian Geyer (Baritone), Simon Bailey (Bass-Baritone), Xavier Sabata (Counter-Tenor), Matthias Rexroth (Counter-Tenor), Paula Murrihy (Mezzo-Soprano), Kateryna Kasper (Soprano), Juanita Lascarro (Soprano), Louise Alder (Soprano), Guy de Mey (Tenor).

Frankfurt Opera and Museums Orchestra, Monteverdi-Continuo-Ensemble – Ivor Bolton.

The premiere von L’Orontea took place in 1656 in Innsbruck at the court of Archduke Ferdinand Karl, grandson of Duke Ferdinand of Tuscany, who at that time was the patron of the first attempts of the art form of opera in Florence. Alongside Francesco Cavalli’s opera «La Giasone», «L’Orontea» went down in history as the most successful opera of the late 17th century. On the occasion of the premiere in Frankfurt, the following could be read in Deutschlandradio Kultur: «It is a scenic production that will remain in one’s memory – not because the production in Frankfurt is so shameless and trashy. Instead, it reminds us of why Antonio Cesti’s opera «L’Orontea» once belonged to the most beloved of all stage works. And it is well worth taking a look into the orchestra pit at this performance.»