Hymne À La Beauté

Κλασική Μουσική

«Hymne À La Beauté”

1 CD

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Sonja Leutwyler (Mezzo-Soprano), Benjamin Engeli (Piano), Astrid Leutwyler (Violin).

The album Hymne à la beauté brings together seldom heard gems of chamber music in the delightful formation of voice, violin and piano — passionately performed by the aspiring and outstanding Swiss artists Sonja Leutwyler, Astrid Leutwyler and Benjamin Engeli, who are among the most versatile musicians of their generation and have long-established reputations within Switzerland and abroad. This programme of discoveries features captivating works by Louis Spohr, Johannes Brahms, Charles Ives, Camille Saint-Saëns, Felix Petyrek, Czeslaw Marek and Ottorino Respighi. On a special commission for this release, the Swiss composer Martin Wettstein has composed the piece Hymne à la beauté (hymn to beauty) for mezzo soprano, violin and piano after a poem by Charles Baudelaire. The music is inspired by the incredible power of beauty, which is part and parcel of this world, giving us meaning and lust for life. At the same time, though, beauty can seduce and ruin people. Lying somewhere between kitsch and madness, beauty waits to be discovered by us.

Hymne À La Beauté
Νο Τίτλος Διάρκεια
CD 1
1 6 Gesänge, Op. 154: I. Abend-Feier – Spohr, Louis (2:03)
2 6 Gesänge, Op. 154: II. Jagdlied – Spohr, Louis (1:58)
3 6 Gesänge, Op. 154: III. Töne – Spohr, Louis (1:50)
4 6 Gesänge, Op. 154: IV. Erlkönig – Spohr, Louis (3:13)
5 6 Gesänge, Op. 154: V. Der Spielmann und seine Geige – Spohr, Louis (2:53)
6 6 Gesänge, Op. 154: VI. Abendstille – Spohr, Louis (2:02)
7 Violons dans le soir – Saint-Saëns, Camille (5:19)
8 Elegie – Massenet, Jules (2:54)
9 Hymne an die Schönheit – Wettstein, Martin (14:21)
10 2 geistliche Gesänge, Op. 91: I. Gestillte Sehnsucht – Brahms, Johannes (5:36)
11 2 geistliche Gesänge, Op. 91: II. Geistliches Wiegenlied – Brahms, Johannes (4:57)
12 Sunrise – Ives, Charles (4:55)
13 Bitte! – Marek, Ceslaw (3:10)
14 Spät – Petyrek, Felix (2:52)
15 Il tramonto, P. 101 – Respighi, Ottorino (14:01)

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