Very Best Of Richard Tauber


“Very Best Of Richard Tauber”

1 CD

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Richard Tauber (Tenor).

  1. You Are My Heart’s Delight (from ‘The Land Of Smiles) 03:23
  2. Girls Were Made to Love and Kiss (from ‘Paganini’) 03:12
  3. O Maiden, My Maiden (from ‘Frederica’) 03:21
  4. Du bist meine Sonne (from ‘Giuditta’) 03:36
  5. Schön ist die Welt (from Schön ist die Welt) 03:17
  6. Merry Widow Waltz (from ‘The Merry Widow’) 03:12
  7. Serenade (from’ Frasquita’) 03:07
  8. Patiently Smiling (from ‘The Land Of Smiles’) 03:28
  9. Don’t Be Cross (from ‘Der Obersteiger’) 03:16
  10. Komm Zigan (from ‘Countess Maritza’) 02:53
  11. Roses from the South (Strauss) 03:13
  12. One Day When We Were Young (from ‘The Great Waltz) 02:51
  13. I’m in Love with Vienna (from ‘The Great Waltz’) 02:24
  14. Vienna City of My Dreams 03:06
  15. Tales from the Vienna Woods (strauss) 03:06
  16. Nightingale Song (from ‘Der Vogelhandler’) 03:14
  17. Im Chambre Separée (from ‘Der Opernball’) 02:59
  18. Your Love Could be Everything (from ‘Old Chelsea’) 02:58
  19. My Heart and I (from ‘Old Chelsea’) 03:10
  20. Simple Little Melody (from ‘Land Without Music’) 03:04
  21. You Mean the World to Me (from ‘The Singing Dream’) 03:29
  22. Pedro the Fisherman (from ‘The Lisbon Story’) 03:16
  23. Because 03:09
  24. Goodbye (from ‘White Horse Inn’) 02:59

During the War years especially, England’s favourite tenor – having starred in Opera roles in Germany, he moved most successfully into Operetta and popular song and captured the hearts of Londoners during the Blitz

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