Goepfart, Loefner, Destenay: Chamber Music

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«Goepfart, Loefner, Destenay: Chamber Music»

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Edouard Destenay Trio in B minor for Oboe, Clarinet, and piano Op. 27.
Karl Goepfart Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Piano op. 74.
Charles Martin Loeffler Deux Rapsodies.


Matthew Hunt (Clarinet), Juliette Bausor (Flute), Daniel Bates (Oboe), Olga Jegunova (Piano), Adam Newman (Viola).

One Note Away is a recital of chamber music, comprising works by three neglected composers: Édouard Destenay, Karl Goepfart and Charles Martin Loeffler. Daniel Bates (oboe), Matthew Hunt (clarinet) and Olga Jeginova (piano) fell in love with the Destenay Trio while working on it at the Open Chamber Music week at Prusia Cove. Although not widely known, there is something joyously alive and creative in this piece and they felt the need to record and share the work. Companion pieces for this unconventional instrumental combination were hard to find, so they widened their search, bringing in Juliette Bausor (flute) and Adam Newman (viola) to the line-up, and started exploring works by other, similarly unfamiliar, composers. The result was the discovery of fantastic pieces by some other rarely-heard composers – Loeffler and by Goepfart – composers that, incidentally, hail from roughly the same part of the world as Destenay. More than that, all three composers have similar flashes of brilliance in their music. They are composers who deserve to be heard, composers who have something incredibly special to express, composers who are just one note away from greatness.

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