Of Arms And A Woman – Late Medieval Wind Music

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“Of Arms And A Woman – Late Medieval Wind Music”

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‘Of arms and a woman’ is a chronicle of love, loss, chivalry and memory built around the late medieval wind music of Dufay, Binchois, Ciconia, Landini and Machaut, performed on shawms, slide trumpet, recorders, sackbut, bagpipes and percussion.
The album is inspired by the writing of Christine de Pisan, whose work touched on every aspect of courtly life, from romantic poetry to military strategy and feminist critiques of the position of women in society. It includes rousing calls to battle, arresting love songs, and the heartbreakingly beautiful Dueil angoisseux, the only contemporary musical setting of any of de Pisan’s poems.


Dufay: Se le face ay pale; Or me veult bien Esperance; Belle, veullies moy retenir; Le Serviteur hault guerdonne

Bedyngham: O rosa bella; Le Serviteur hault guerdonne

Binchois: Les tres doulx ieux du viaire ma dame; Dueil angoisseus; Files a marier

Cinonia: Le ray au soleyl

Cordier: Tout par compas

Machut: Ay mi! dame de valour

Solage: Corps femenin

Mortin: Le Souvenir de vous me tue

Landini: Adiu, adiu, dous dame

Desprez: L’homme arme

Anonymus: A Cheval, tout homme, a cheval; Reveillez vous Piccars; Gardes le trait della fenestre; De quan qu on peut; Anxci bon youre; La Spagna; Pues servicio Cancion contrahecha; Allez a la fougere

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