Butten Plays Downland: Guitar Music

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“Butten Plays Downland: Guitar Music”

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John Dowland Preludium.


Michael Butten (Guitar).

  • Dowland: ‘Tremolo’ Fancy
  • Dowland: A Fancy in E minor
  • Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs? (First Booke of Songes, 1597)
  • Dowland: Fancy in B minor
  • Dowland: Fantasie in E major
  • Dowland: Farewell (Fantasie No. 3)
  • Dowland: Forlorn Hope Fancy (Fantasie No. 2)
  • Dowland: Frog Galliard
  • Dowland: Lachrimæ Pavan
  • Dowland: Lady Clifton’s Spirit
  • Dowland: Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe
  • Dowland: Lord Strang’s March
  • Dowland: Loth to Depart, P. 69
  • Dowland: Mrs White’s Nothing
  • Dowland: Mrs White’s Thing
  • Dowland: Mrs Winter’s Jump
  • Dowland: Preludium
  • Dowland: Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard
  • Dowland: Sir John Smith, His Almain
  • Dowland: The Shoemaker’s Wife

John Dowland (1563–1626) is recognized as the greatest English composer of lute music and songs. Michael Butten presents a collection of the composer’s most popular and beautiful songs arranged for the classical guitar. A whole album of Dowland performed on classical guitar is rare, usually heard on the lute, so FHR are pleased to be able to present this release. In this recording, Butten plays with a very beautiful sound, incredible colors, lovely melodic phrasing and immaculate control of tone, which draws you right in. This is a spellbinding album, wonderfully recorded. Born in Berkshire, Michael Butten studied at Junior Academy, where he twice won the Lower Strings Prize, before being awarded a scholarship at the Academy to continue his studies with Michael Lewin. In his first year he won the Julian Bream Prize, adjudicated by Julian Bream, and, shortly afterwards, gained the Nervi/Bodrato Prize as the youngest semi-finalist at the Michele Pittaluga Guitar Competition in Alessandria. On completing his BMus degree with first class honours, he received from the Academy one of the Regency Awards for Notable Achievement and in June 2014, as a postgraduate with a scholarship from Help Musicians UK, he became the first guitarist ever to win the R.A.M. Club Prize. He was the 1st prize winner at the 2016 Ivor Mairants Guitar Award, and is a Yeoman of the Worshipful Company of Musicians. Upon leaving the Academy in 2016 he also won the David Russell Prize.

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