Lutoslawski: Concealed Portrait


“Lutoslawski: Concealed Portrait”

1 CD

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Witold Lutoslawski The "Derwid" Songs.


Marein Murawski (Guitar), Cezary Konrad (Percussion), Krzyzstof Herdzin (Piano), Marek Podkowa (Saxophone), Mariusz Klimek (Vocals).

  1. Milczace serce (Silent heart)
    1. Z lat dziecinnych (Childhood days)
    2. W lunaparku (In an amusementpark)
    3. Jeden przystanek dalej (One stop further)
    4. Czarownica (Witch)
    5. Nie oczkuje dzis nikogo (I haven’t been waiting for anyone today)
    6. Znajdziesz mniewszedzie (You’ll find me everywhere)
    7. Cyrk jedzie (The circus is coming)
    8. Po co spiewac piosenki (Why sing songs)
    9. Milosc i swiat (Love and the world)
    10. Warsszawski dorozkarz (Warsaw cab-driver)
    11. Milczace serce (Silent heart) (Bonus Track)

In a departure from his usually serious compositions in 1957 to 1963, Lutosławski also composed light music under the pseudonym Derwid. Mostly waltzes, tangos, foxtrots and slow-foxtrots for voice and piano, these pieces are in the genre of Polish actors’ songs. Their place in Lutosławski’s output may be seen as less incongruous given his own performances of cabaret music during the war, and in the light of his relationship by marriage to the famous Polish cabaret singer Kalina Jędrusik (who was his wife’s sister-in-law). (Wikipedia)

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