Great Norwegian Performers 1945-2000, Volume 5

Κλασική Μουσική

“Great Norwegian Performers 1945-2000, Volume 5”

2 CD

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Antonio Gino Bibalo Sonatina 1A, 'Semplice' for Wind Quintet,
Sonatina 2A, 'Astrale' for Wind Quintet.
Bjarne Brustad Serenade for wind quintet.
Edvard Hagerup Bull Trios Bucoliques – Divertissement pour trio d’anches, Op. 14.
John Axel Fernström Quintet For Wind Instruments, Op. 59.
Pauline Hall Suite for wind quintet.
David Johan Kvandal Wind Quintet, Op. 34.
Carl August Nielsen Wind Quintet, Op. 43 (FS 100).
Carl Gustav Sparre Olsen Suite For Three Woodwinds In Five Small Movements, Op. 10.


The Norwegian Wind Quintet.

In 1955 five wind players from the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra formed The Norwegian Wind Quintet, an ensemble that has over the years since its inception earned a major international reputation. This 2CD set presents a collection of some of the NWQ’s finest recordings for radio, as well as music by Brustad, Kvandal, Sparre Olsen and Bibalo from the group’s first solo recording in 1975. These performances are being made available on CD for the first time. Carl Nielsen’s Wind Quintet is a key work in the repertoire, and is considered to be one of Nielsen’s most important chamber music works. Johan Fernström had a central position in Swedish music around the time of World War II, and completed his opus 59 in 1943. Pauline Hall had a varied background from the years between the two wars, including studies in Paris where she became inspired by the French impressionist movement. Sparre Olsen’s Suite for tre treblåsere, op. 10, was composed during the war and published in 1946. Hagerup-Bull completed studies in Paris with Darius Milhaud and wrote his woodwind trio in 1953. Johan Kvandal’s Wind Quintet was composed in 1971, a turbulent period in Kvandal’s life. Bjarne Brustad’s piece from 1970 is neoclassical in style, whilst the two quintets by Antonio Bibalo are very different in style and expression.

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