Postures: Norwegian Harp Music

Κλασική Μουσική

“Postures: Norwegian Harp Music”

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Mark Adderley Postures (2000) for Harp.
David Bratlie Credo Reloading (2007) for Harp.
Bjorn Fongaard Concerto for Harp and Tape (1976), Op. 131, No. 28.
Wolfgang Plagge Nocturne Sonata for Harp, Op. 79.
Yngve Slettholm Ten Miniatures for Harp (2000).


Sunniva Rødland (Harp).

Five different works of five different composers, each piece with its own approach to form. The sound of the harp is used in different ways to construct the universe of these pieces. Together they make up a variation of postures. Different angles of vision on concepts of time, (life) energy, development standstill, longing, departure. Some of the pieces have intense, uninhibited energy, some look inward and are standing still, while others flow off in a kind of blissful, lyrical mood- carefree and harmonious. Sunniva Rodland is a classically trained Norwegian harpist. She is creative and innovative, with a broad repertoire. Rodland has to date premiered sixteen solo works, and she has had long-term collaborations with a number of composers, often as a co-creator in the composition process.

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