Vivaldi: Concerti Per Archi Iii E Concerti Per Viola D’Amore

Κλασική Μουσική

“Vivaldi: Concerti Per Archi Iii E Concerti Per Viola D'Amore”

2 CD

Τιμή: €28.00

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto RV117 for strings in C major,
Concerto for Strings RV 155,
Concerto for Strings in F major, RV 138,
Concerto for strings "Conca" RV 163,
Concerto for strings RV 118,
Concerto for strings RV 142,
Concerto for strings RV 145,
Concerto for strings RV 161,
Concerto for strings RV 167,
Concerto for strings in C major RV109,
Concerto for strings, RV 152,
Nisi Dominus (Psalm 126), RV608,
Viola d'amore concerto in A major RV396,
Viola d'amore concerto in A minor RV397,
Viola d'amore concerto in D minor RV393,
Viola d'amore concerto in D minor RV394,
Viola d'amore concerto in D minor RV395.


Alessando Tampieri (Viola d' Amore).

Accademia Bizantina – Ottavio Dantone.

A Gramophone editor’s Choice, this double album brings together the third volume of Concerti per archi (strings) and the complete Concerti for viola d’amore by the Venetian genius. The Accademia Bizantina and its iconic chief Ottavio Dantone bring to this release a talent so great it is matched only by their dedication. The Vivaldi Edition is an ambitious project begun at the beginning of the century to record some 450 works by Vivaldi, many of them unknown, found in the National University Library of Turin. With the collaboration of today’s leading interpreters of Baroque music we are making available to the public hundreds of works, many in the composer’s own hand and covering every musical genre. Known for but a few iconic pieces of music, Vivaldi’s reputation is quickly changing to that of one of the most influential and prolific composers of the 18th century.

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