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Jean-Marie Leclair Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 7, No. 2.
Pietro Antonio Locatelli L'Arte del Violino Op. 3, Concerto No. 1.
Johann Georg Pisendel Pisendel: Concerto in G minor, junp I.1.
Giuseppe Tartini Violin Concerto in A minor D115 (Lunardo Venier).
Georg Philipp Telemann Violin Concerto in B flat major TWV 51:B1.


Il Pomo d' Oro – Dmitry Sinkovsky.

Dimitry Sinkovsky is a dazzlingly multi-talented artist –a brilliant violinist, countertenor, conductor, and founder in 2011 of the ensemble La Voce Strumentale. In Virtuosissimo, his fifth venture with Naïve, he has teamed up again with the ensemble Il Pomo d’Oro, his partners in numerous recordings and concerts, to cast more light on Pisendel, a celebrated violinist and composer who led the prestigious Dresden Court Orchestra, and a Vivaldi devotee who copied out several of the Venetian master’s concertos for performance in Dresden. Virtuosissimois a photography of an influential moment in music history. With this new album, Dmitry Sinkovsky goes beyond Vivaldi and his influences: as well as Pisendel, he plays works by Locatelli, Tartini, Leclair and Telemann, all of whom enriched the early 18th-century violin repertoire with opulent, highly personal works focusing on soloistic bravura. A century later, Paganini was to draw on this baroque heritage. All the concertos here have inspired high-wire performances to Dmitry Sinkovsky: fiery exchanges with the orchestra, cunningly crafted cadences, vertiginous harmonics, startlingly unexpected bowing, sharp-edged attacks, daunting double-stopping… Sinkovsky seems to completely embody these five concertos, as if propelled by an inextinguishable flame: the electrifying result is truly ‘virtuosissimo’.

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