Vivaldi: Arie E Cantate Per Contralto

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«Vivaldi: Arie E Cantate Per Contralto»

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Antonio Vivaldi Andrò fida e sconsolata (from Tito Manlio, RV738),
Cantata RV684 'Cessate, omai cessate' for alto & strings,
Cantata RV685 'O mie porpore piü belle',
Care pupille, aria di La Candace o siano li veri amici (from La Candace, RV704),
L'innocenza sfortunata (from Tieteberga),
Per dar pace al tuo dolore (from La Candace),
Qual in pioggia dorata i dolci rai, RV686,
Semplice non temer (from La verità in cimento),
Sì, si bel volto che v’adoro, aria di La Candace o siano li veri amici (from La Candace),
Vivaldi: Liquore ingrato (from Tito Manlio, RV738),
È pur dolce ad un’anima amante (from Il Giustino).


Delphine Galou (Alto).

Accademia Bizantina – Ottavio Dantone.

Vivaldi, the Venetian: master of the whole palette of human emotions. From the church to the opera house, from tragedy to joy, the immediately recognizable sensibility, the expressiveness, the inimitable colors and an unbeatable talent to say so much in just a few notes. The contralto Delphine Galou (who recently won a Gramophone Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the classical music world) and Ottavio Dantone’s Accademia Bizantina have created two recitals of sacred music and of opera that illustrate the incomparable richness of Vivaldi’s body of work and establish the emotional connections between the two repertoires. For the first time, two volumes of the Vivaldi Edition (in this case the 59th and 60th) are released at the same time, with their synergy also reflected in the albums’ artwork. The recital «Musica sacra” consists of six works of very diverse themes and styles, symbolizing the richness of the religious fervor of Antonio Vivaldi’s sacred music. The recital «Arie e cantate per opera» [Opera arias and cantatas] shines a light on and alternates between operatic arias and cantatas, which are related in style and color.

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