Chopin: Mazurki

Κλασική Μουσική

«Chopin: Mazurki»

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Frédéric François Chopin Four Mazurkas, Op.67,
Mazurka No. 50 in A minor 'Notre Temps',
Mazurka No. 51 in A minor 'Émile Gaillard',
Mazurka No. 56 in B flat major, K.IIa/3,
Mazurkas (3), Op. 63,
Mazurkas (4) Op. 41,
Mazurkas (4), Op. 17,
Mazurkas (4), Op. 24,
Mazurkas (4), Op. 30,
Mazurkas (4), Op. 33,
Mazurkas (5), Op. 6,
Mazurkas (5), Op. 7,
Mazurkas Op. 50 Nos. 1-3,
Mazurkas Op. 59 Nos. 1-3,
Mazurkas, Op. 68.


Vladimir Feltsman (Piano).

Chopin is the most easily recognizable composer—his voice comes through very clearly right away and there is no hesitation about the authorship of his works. Starting with his first published mazurkas that he wrote when he was fifteen years old and ending with his very last work, Mazurka in F minor, written not long before his death in 1849, Chopin immortalized this Polish dance, transforming it into a universally accepted and recognizable art form. Pianist and conductor Vladimir Feltsman is one of the most versatile and constantly interesting musicians of our time. His vast repertoire encompasses music from the Baroque to 20th-century composers. A regular guest soloist with leading symphony orchestras in the United States and abroad, he appears in the most prestigious concert series and music festivals all over the world.

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