Miklos Maros: Complete Piano Works

Κλασική Μουσική

«Miklos Maros: Complete Piano Works»

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Moritz Ernst (Piano).

This new release from Moritz Ernst showcases the enormous variety of the keyboard works by Miklos Maros. Maros writes: “A composer communicates by means of his music. To express oneself, one needs a language, a musical language which is personal and at the same time imparts itself by its own internal logic: to the musicians interpreting the music as well as to the audience listening to it… Anyway, curiosity is one of the most important traits of a composer: one should be aware of what has been achieved already but also know what does not fit into one’s musical language. Students of music are often required to work with different styles, compositional techniques and musical languages. They analyze and imitate the music of the great masters also to gain practical experience. However, this may as well result in a high or sometimes exaggerated respect for certain kinds of music. And not without reason: After all, what can a young composer add to a repertoire already developed by the greatest minds through the centuries by writing new symphonies or sonatas? To devise my own musical universe in my work, I thoroughly went through the different aspects and elements of music. I wrote many little pieces which concentrate primarily on the melodic, harmonic, or rhythmical elements and studied possibilities for numerous new sound combinations with unconventional ensembles.”

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