Gounod: La Nonne Sanglante

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“Gounod: La Nonne Sanglante”

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Charles François Gounod La nonne sanglante (The Bloody Nun).


André Heyboer (Baritone), Luc Bertin-Hugault (Bass), Jean Teitgen (Bass), Marion Lebegue (Mezzo-Soprano), Vannina Santoni (Soprano), Jodie Devos (Soprano), Michael Spyres (Tenor), Enguerrand de Hys (Tenor).

David Bobée (Director).

Accentus Insula Orchestra – Laurence Equilbey.

The plot of Gounod’s opera La Nonne sanglante (‘The Bleeding Nun’) is drawn from Matthew Lewis’s once famous 1796 novel The Monk. The subject is a Gothic melodrama featuring warring families, two lovers, and the vengeful spectre of the Nun, to which Gounod responds with music that fuses Romanticism with the supernatural on the grandest scale. This ground-breaking production features memorable set pieces enhanced by the stark drama of the stage setting and brilliant cinematic lighting effects. This production was staged by David Bobee and the video director was Francois Roussillon. The recording took place in June 2018 at the Opera Comique in Paris, France.