C P E Bach: Solo Keyboard Music Volume 33

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«C P E Bach: Solo Keyboard Music Volume 33»


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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Keyboard Sonata in D minor, Wq. 57/4 (H208),
Rondo in G major, Wq. 57/3 (H271),
Rondo in F major, Wq. 57/4 (H266),
Rondo in F major, Wq. 57/5,
Rondo in E major, Wq. 57/1 (H265),
Keyboard Sonata in A minor, Wq. 57/2 (H247),
Canzonetta (by Luise Dorothea of Saxe-Gotha) with 6 variations, Wq. 118/8 (H275),
Keyboard Sonata in F minor, Wq. 57/6 (H173).


Miklós Spányi (Tangent Piano).

Issued between 1779 and 1787, the six collections of sonatas, rondos, and fantasias “fürKenner und Liebhaber” constitute Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s largest-scale publishing venture. Aimed at ‘Connaisseursand Amateurs’, the first collection was a retrospective selection of six sonatas but when this became a commercial success Bach expanded and varied the scheme, adding rondos (a recently popular form) for the second and third collection and, in the final three collections, samples of his free fantasies.

On the previous two discs in his acclaimed series, MiklósSpányicombined pieces from Collection 1 and 2, performing them on the clavichord (Volume 31) and the tangent piano (Volume 32). For the present disc, Spányihas chosen to remain with the tangent piano, an early form of the piano with strings that are struck by small wooden slips (‘tangents’). The basic sound of the instrument is reminiscent of the harpsichord, but this can be modified in a number of ways through the use of various devices.

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