Fanie Antonellou – Greek And German Art Songs (Affinities)

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“Fanie Antonellou – Greek And German Art Songs (Affinities)”



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Anton Beer-Walbrunn Mariae Sehnsucht, Op. 59 No. 5.
Giannis Constantinidis The Black Headscarf,
The Break of Day,
Tonight at Midnight,
Young Irene.
Philipp Jarnach Aus Des Knaben Wunderhorn.
Manolis Kalomiris Enchanted by the Fairies,
Girl from Roumeli,
The Fairy.
Dimitrios Lialios 4 Lieder, Op. 7: No.1, Es erklingt wie Liebestöne.
Dimitri Mitropoulous The Death of the Sailor,
To Celestial Aphrodite.
Emilios Riadis Girl from Missiri,
Arnold Schoenberg Erwartung Op. 2 No. 1,
Mädchenlied, Op. 48 No. 3.
Nikos Skalkottas The Doe.
Ludwig Thuille Klage.
Kurt Weill Der Abschiedsbrief,
Klops Lied.
Alexander von Zemlinsky Des Mädchens Klage,
Mädel, kommst du mit zum Tanz?,
Nun schwillt der See so bang.


Kerstin Mörk (Piano), Fanie Antonelou (Soprano).

The Greek soprano Fanie Antonelou and German pianist Kerstin Mörk here join forces in an exciting project, entitled ‘Affinities’. In a carefully constructed sequence of 23 songs, they explore the kinship between Greek and German art songs – a varied one, filtered through friendships, family connections and teacher-pupil relationships.

All the composers represented on the album studied and/or worked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the three great German-speaking musical centres – Vienna, Munich and Berlin – and include figures both well known (Schoenberg, Weill, Skalkottas and Mitropoulos) and less familiar (Emilios Riadis, Dimitrios Lialios, Ludwig Thuille). With twelve composers and even more poets involved, the subject matter of the individual songs is diverse indeed – from a café scene in Berlin (Der Abschiedsbrief by Kurt Weill in cabaret mode) to a hymn to Aphrodite, set by Dimitri Mitropoulos in a highly expressionistic free atonal idiom inspired by Schoenberg.