Composers Play Duo with Jennifer Koh

Κλασική Μουσική

“Composers Play Duo with Jennifer Koh”

2 CD

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Missy Mazzoli (Computer Sounds – Electronics), Nina C. Young (Computer Sounds – Electronics), Vijay Iyer (Piano), Lisa Bielawa (Soprano), Qasim Naqvi (Synthesizer), Jennifer Koh (Violin), Du Yun (Vocals).


Qasim Naqvi: The Banquet / Jennifer Koh (violin), Qasim Naqvi (synthesizer)

Bielawa: Sanctuary Songs / Jennifer Koh (violin), Lisa Bielawa (soprano)

Du Yun: give me back my fingerprints / Jennifer Koh (violin), Du Yun (voice)

Tyshawn Sorey: In Memoriam Muhal Richard Abrams / Jennifer Koh (violin), Tyshawn Sorey (glockenspiel)

Young, N C: Sun Propeller / Jennifer Koh (violin), Nina C. Young (electronics)

Lu, W: Her Latitude / Jennifer Koh (violin), Wang Lu

Iyer: The Diamond / Jennifer Koh (violin), Vijay Iyer (piano)

Mazzoli: A Thousand Tongues / Jennifer Koh (violin), Missy Mazzoli
Mazzoli: Vespers for Violin

Jennifer Koh (violin), Missy Mazzoli (electronics)Violinist Jennifer Koh’s Limitless, based on her groundbreaking recital project of the same name, bridges the modern divide between composer and instrumentalist, celebrates artistic collaboration, and revives the grand tradition of composers performing their own music. The album features world-premiere recordings of Koh-commissioned duets by a diverse roster of highly accomplished contemporary composers, which she performs with the composers themselves. Premieres include Quasim Naqvi’s The Banquet for violin and modular synthesizer, exploring a convergence between acoustic string and electronic sound worlds; Lisa Bielawa’s Sanctuary Songs for violin and voice, three settings of texts by American women poets of the 1920s; Du Yun’s give me back my fingerprints for violin and voice, representative of what The New York Times calls her “adventurously eclectic” style; and Tyshawn Sorey’s In Memoriam Muhal Richard Abrams, dedicated to Sorey’s beloved mentor, the avant-garde pianist, composer, and founding president of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). Limitless also offers the first recording of Nina C. Young’s Sun Propeller for violin and electronics, inspired by traditional Tuvan throat-singing; Wang Lu’s Her Latitude for violin and electronics, with a quasi-improvised piano part and electronically processed sounds of Buddhist chants and old Korean pop songs; and jazz luminary Vijay Iyer’s The Diamond for violin and piano, inspired by an early Buddhist text. The album concludes with Missy Mazzoli’s A Thousand Tongues for violin, piano, and electronics, an intense response to a line in a Stephen Crane poem; and Vespers for violin and electronics, “deliciously disorienting” (National Public Radio) with a soaring solo violin.

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