Piano Concertos By Isaac Albeniz and Francisco Mignone

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«Piano Concertos By Isaac Albeniz and Francisco Mignone”

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Isaac Albéniz Piano Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, Op. 78 "Concierto fantastico",
Suite española No. 1, Op. 47: Excerpts.
Francisco Mignone Piano Concerto,
Valsa de Esquina No. 1,
Valsa de Esquina No. 5.


Clélia Iruzun (Piano).

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Jac van Steen.

Continuing as ever on a journey of new and exciting discoveries, SOMM now brings to the catalogue of recorded music two justly admired Piano Concertos by South American and Spanish composers. The first is by Francisco Mignone, one of the finest Brazilian composers of the 20th century. His Piano Concerto from 1958 is brilliant, full of originality and technically challenging both for orchestra and pianist. It clearly merits wide circulation and Brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Jac van Steen, clearly relishes the challenge, both technical and interpretative.

For the recording of the Mignone Concerto Clélia has used the new edition of the Academia Brasileira de Musica. This is a first recording of the newly revised and corrected score authorised by Mignone’s widow, pianist Maria Josephina Mignone, who had given performances of the work in years gone by. Also on this disc is the dazzling Concierto Fantástico by Isaac Albéniz – the great Spanish composer, perhaps best known for his ever-popular music for guitar, but in this work showing his equal mastery of orchestral colour and the full range of the modern concert grand piano. Albéniz dedicated the Concierto Fantástico to his friend and pupil José Tragó, who in turn taught the piano to Falla and Turina. Clélia Iruzun is undoubtedly amongst the finest pianists in South American and Iberian repertoire currently performing in Europe. Several composers, including Arnaldo Rebello and Mignone himself who knew her as a child, have dedicated works to her. Included on the CD is a delightful selection of Mignone’s and Albeniz’s works for solo piano.

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