Piae Cantiones and Memoria Sancti Henrici

Κλασική Μουσική

«Piae Cantiones and Memoria Sancti Henrici»

2 CD

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Timo Nuoranne (Conductor).

CD 1 Memoria Sancti Henrici: Collection of Medieval Chant for the Patron Saint of Finland
1 Deus in adiutorium (O God, come to my aid)
2 Gaudeamus omnes (Let us all rejoice)
3 Sanctum Ericum comitans (In the company of St Eric)
4 Sanctus Ericus dulciter (St Eric loved)
5 Quidam homines de Kwmo (A number of men from Kokemäki)
6 Martir iste militauit (That martyr was a soldier)
7 Multitudo languencium (A number of sick have been healed)
8 O vita commendabilis (O commendable life)
9 Christi pugil eximius (A good soldier of Christ)
10 Digitus martiris gloriosi (A finger of the glorious martyr)
11 Imitator Saluatoris (Imitating the Saviour)
12 Perfecte desiderium (With desires completely fulfilled)
13 Omnes gentes iubilate (Let all nations rejoice)
14 Dum deuotis poscitur (When invoked by devoted prayers)
15 Preclari patris sanctitas (The sanctity of the eminent Father)
16 Gaude cetus fidelium (Rejoice, the flock of faithful)
17 Alleluya. Pie presul (Alleluia, pious Bishop)
18 Ecce magnus presbiter (Behold the great Bishop)

Vocal Ensembles: Cetus Noster, Köyhät Ritarit

CD 2 Piæ Cantiones ecclesiasticæ et scholasticæ veterum episcoporum: Early Finnish Vocal Music
1 Iucundare iugiter (Together you must rejoice)
2 Iucundare iugiter
3 Cedit hiems eminus (Winter’s power wanes)
4 Cedit hiems eminus
5 Aetas carmen melodiae (Let mankind sing a song)
6 Aetas carmen melodiae
7 Iesu dulcis memoria (Jesus, sweet remembrance)
8 Ramus virens olivarum (The green branch of olive)
9 Ave funda Davidis (Hail, O David’s sling)
10 Zachaeus arboris (Zachaeus climbed a tree)
11 Puer natus in Bethlehem (A boy is born in Bethlehem)
12 De radice processerat (A wonderful branch has come forth)
13 Verbum caro factum est (The word was made flesh)
14 Omnis mundus iucundentur (Let the whole world be glad)
15 Paranymphus adiens (An angel visited)
16 Laetetur Ierusalem (Let Jerusalem rejoice)
17 Resonet in laudibus (Let Zion ring)
18 Jumalisten joucko (The crowd of the faithful)
19 Ad cantus laetitiae (To sing praises)
20 Parvulus nobis nascitur (A tiny child is born for us)
21 Kunniallisuuden hyvys (The virtue of honour)
22 Vanitatum vanitas (Vanity of vanities)
23 Coeperit faustis (A fortunate beginning and continued success)
24 Insignis est figura (Apt is the comparison)
25 Mars praecurrit in planetis (Mars predominates among the planets)
26 Mirum si laeteris (It is a miracle if you rejoice)
27 Ad perennis vitae fontem (To the fountain of eternal life)

Finnish Radio Chamber Choir, Timo Nuoranne (conductor)

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