Pierantonio Tasca: A Santa Lucia

Κλασική Μουσική

“Pierantonio Tasca: A Santa Lucia”


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Pierantonio Tasca A Santa Lucia.


Ulf Paulsen (Baritone), Cezary Rotkiewicz (Bass-Baritone), Rita Kapfhammer (Mezzo-Soprano), Cornelia Marschall (Soprano), KS Iordanka Derilova (Soprano), David Ameln (Tenor), Ray M. Wade, Jr. (Tenor).

Anhaltischen Theaters Dessau Chorus.

Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau – Markus Frank.

During the late nineteenth century countless composers modeled their operas on Pietro Mascagnis Cavalleria rusticana, hoping that this strategy would likewise bring them success. These composers included not only Leoncavallo with his Pagliacci but also the young composer Pierantonio Tasca. Although Tasca had grown up in Sicily, in A Santa Lucia he depicted Naples, Italys largest city and a metropolitan world plagued by poverty and the everyday struggle for survival. This opera celebrated its premiere not in Naples, not in Rome or Milan, but at the Kroll Opera in Berlin on 16 November 1892 and enjoyed great success. For some years this captivating, impassioned, and tender music and its highly atmospheric local color earned Tasca the rank of the most esteemed »young Italian« composer in Germany, right along with Mascagni and Leoncavallo.

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