Östlund: Lunaris

Κλασική Μουσική

“Östlund: Lunaris”

2 CD

Τιμή: €20.00

Jonathan Östlund Air dans l'air,
Fantasia on Scarborough Fair,
La Féerique et Pierrot,
Lumière d'étoiles,
Miroir d'un mirage,
Music at Moonrise,
Opus Pocus Fantienne,
Reve et Lune,
Rêverie – Jeux de pluie,
The Frog Pond,
The Wizard,
Winter Vigil.


Ursula Leveaux (Bassoon), Lydia Hillerudh (Cello), Alexander Zagorinsky (Cello), Eleonore Pameijer (Flute), Yoana Karemova (Piano), Blandine Waldmann (Piano), Ruxandra Ibric Cioranu (Soprano), Ariel Jacob Lang (Violin).

Jonathan Östlund is a Swedish composer who has recently been living in London. He has manifested an avid interest for music from an early age and has pursued his passion with a BA and MA in Composition at the Luleå Tekniska Universitet, in Sweden. He has studied under the artistic guidance of Prof. Rolf Martinsson, Prof. Jan Sandström and Prof. Sverker Jullander, among others, and has so far completed approximately 80 works, including several orchestral pieces and a Piano Concerto, and has been awarded many prizes in international competitions. This double album features vocal, instrumental and chamber music with inspiration from nature, especially the mysteries of the night, evoked in some works by wordless vocalise. A team of top European soloists (several of whom also gave the world premieres of these works) were gathered to present this album. Östlund’s music is very accessible and tonal and often full of wit and humor, and always atmospheric.

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