Lydia Kakabadse: Choral And Vocal Works

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“Lydia Kakabadse: Choral And Vocal Works”

1 CD

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The Choir of Royal Holloway.

  1. Archaic
    1. Classical
    2. Hellenistic
    3. Roman
    4. Byzantine
    5. Post-Byzantine
    6. Modern
    7. The house were I was born
    8. As I sat at the café
    9. Haunted houses
    10. Courage
    11. Recitativo arioso
    12. I remember
    13. The ruined maid
    14. A vision
    15. The way through the woods
    16. Sancte Ioseph

British composer Lydia Kakabadse (with roots in Greece, Austria, Russia and Georgia) reflects her cultural heritage in music that has western and mediterranean elements – while this is strongest in her choral music, it is heard to good effect in her chamber works, which are often written in modal intonation; her previous recorded collections have been very positively reviewed. This album is in two parts – first the stunning choral work ‘Odyssey’ – absolutely traditional in its rich harmony but carrying one or two surprises, a work commissioned by the Hellenic Institute at Royal Holloway College in 2018; and a set of songs written in 2018 and 2019 spanning a range of styles from ballad, to arioso to folk jazz,Romantic, antiphonal and minimalistic! The performers are all top rate: Clare McCaldin is an outstanding mezzo-soprano with a significant recorded legacy already. Paul Turner specializes in chamber music and accompanying singers and instrumentalists.Sara Trickey is becoming well known as a fine violinist and Cecily Beer is in great demand as both singer and harpist. The Choir of Royal Holloway is considered to be one of the finest mixed-voice collegiate choirs in Britain.

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