Rossini: Le Comte Ory

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“Rossini: Le Comte Ory”

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Gioacchino Antonio Rossini Le Comte Ory.


Stéphane Degout (Baritone), Michele Pertusi (Bass-Baritone), Joyce DiDonato (Mezzo-Soprano), Susanne Resmark (Mezzo-Soprano), Diana Damrau (Soprano), Juan Diego Flórez (Tenor).

Gary Halvorson (Director).

Metropolitan Opera Chorus.

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra – Maurizio Benini.

Rossini triumph at the Met “Le Comte Ory” with Joyce DiDonato, Diana Damrau and Juan Diego Flórez.
Count Ory has no desire to go to war. Doing what? He disguises himself – and thus also gains access to the bedrooms of the abandoned ladies. The piquant comedy about the refined nobleman is Rossini’s last comic opera, premiered in Paris in 1828. In March 2011, the work, which was far too little known, caused enthusiasm at the Metropolitan Opera in New York – not least thanks to the stormy celebration of the star ensemble with Joyce DiDonato, Diana Damrau and Juan Diego Flórez. Now the recording appears
as a DVD
“Indeed a dream cast”, the renowned magazine “Opernglas” praised the production, which can be experienced as an original “theatre in the theatre”: Director Bartlett Sher presented the comedy as if on a market stage of the Rossini era and offered the top stars Diana Damrau, Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Flórez a scenic platform for full music theatre. “Watching and listening to Diana Damrau was a pure pleasure,” praised the “opera glass” critique, “but the best of all was Joyce DiDonato, who sang and played with her mind and feeling. She was always elegant and yet funny and filled her singing with colour and delicacy. The premiere audience rewarded her with the biggest ovation of the evening.”

Juan Diego Flórez was also able to celebrate triumphs as the title hero – with “musical ease” he mastered the game between class and sexuality. The DVD documents a Rossini opera that was far too much in the background: in 1828, one year before Rossini’s last stage work “Guillaume Tell”, the Italian master once again pulled out all the stops of esprit, charm and wit.

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