Scarlatti, A: Lamentazioni Per La Settimana Santa

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“Scarlatti, A: Lamentazioni Per La Settimana Santa”

2 CD

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Alessandro Scarlatti Lamentazioni per la Settimana Santa.


Cristina Miatello (Soprano), Gian Paolo Fagotto (Tenor).

Ensemble Aurora – Enrico Gatti.

Alessandro Scarlatti in Italy, like Marc-Antoine Charpentier and later François Couperin in France, brought the musical form of the Lamentations of Jeremiah to a state of dramatic intensity, a complement to the religious ritual which even in the first decade of the 18th century had barely changed since the Middle Ages. One of the special characteristics of Scarlatti’s Lamentations is the skill with which he treats the melodic line, which he reduces to what is bare and essential stylistically, resisting the temptation to indulge himself in operatic writing, preferring instead ‘madrigalistic’ effects.

It was around 1707 that Scarlatti composed his six settings of the Lamentations (two each for the three days leading up to Easter Sunday; although by forming part of the service of Matins they would be sung on the previous evening) and it was not until the Umbrian violinist and director Enrico Gatti went to the Bolognese Eremo di Ronzano with his Ensemble Aurora that these Lamentations received their first complete recording.

The two soloists called upon by Gatti to be backed by his instrumental group (one whom is keyboard player Guido Morini) were soprano Cristina Miatello and tenor Gian Paolo Fagotto. The church music of Alessandro Scarlatti (like his operatic, oratorio and solo cantata work) is receiving increasingly more attention from musicians and the public so the transfer to Glossa of Enrico Gatti’s 1992 recording (including Gatti’s essay on the subject) can be warmly welcomed, as it joins more recent examples of Gatti’s work in Bach and Vivaldi.

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