Weber: Euryanthe

Κλασική Μουσική

“Weber: Euryanthe”

2 CD

Τιμή: €19.50

Carl Maria von Weber Euryanthe.


Stefan Cerny (Bass), Andrew Foster-Williams (Bass-Baritone), Jacquelyn Wagner (Soprano), Norman Reinhardt (Tenor).

Arnold Schoenberg Chor.

Orf Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra – Constantin Trinks.

Nearly every music lover is acquainted with Der Freischutz, but the fewest are aware of Euryanthe. In the light of the musical quality of the opera, the disdain for it does not seem fitting. Euryanthe was Carl Maria von Weber’s most ambitious project, one that anything but backfired. The composition may certainly be termed ground-breaking and truly deserves more attention. “A chain of glittering jewels from the beginning to the end. All witty and ingenious,” (Robert Schumann in his critic about Euryanthe.) The present release features a live recording of the work, which was taken in December of 2018 and features the Arnold Schoenberg Chor and the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, as well as a group of brilliant soloists.