Vivaldi Con Amore

Κλασική Μουσική

“Vivaldi Con Amore”

1 CD

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Antonio Vivaldi Bassoon Concerto, RV 481 in D minor,
Concerto for 2 Violins, 2 Oboes and Bassoon in D major, RV 564a,
Concerto for 2 oboes in C Major, RV 534,
Concerto for 4 violins, viola & basso continuo RV553,
Concerto for Lute and 2 Violins in D major, RV 93,
Concerto for Violin in C minor RV 761 'Amato Bene',
Ottone in Villa: Sinfonia,
Violin Concerto in E major, RV271 'L'Amoroso'.


Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra – Elisa Citterio.

A landmark Tafelmusik recording, Vivaldi con amore is the orchestra’s first with Music Director Elisa Citterio. This all-Vivaldi album showcases Citterio and members of the orchestra in concertos for violin, oboe, bassoon, and lute, underlining the level of virtuosity across the ensemble. Elisa Citterio is featured as violin soloist in Vivaldi’s love-themed concertos “L’amoroso” and “L’amato bene,” while Tafelmusik’s remarkable musicians—Cristina Zacharias, Patricia Ahern, Geneviève Gilardeau, and Julia Wedman, violins; John Abberger and Marco Cera, oboes; Dominic Teresi, bassoon, and Lucas Harris, lute, are featured as soloists in the vibrant concertos that complete the program, which opens with the Sinfonia from Vivaldi’s opera Ottone in villa. “In the collective imagination Vivaldi truly represents ‘l’italianità,’ or the Italian character. His music describes and evokes landscapes, states of mind, and characters in a very direct way. Vivaldi’s music speaks unambiguously to people’s hearts.” —Elisa Citterio

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