C. P. E. Bach: Piano Concertos

Κλασική Μουσική

“C. P. E. Bach: Piano Concertos”

4 CD

Τιμή: €18.50

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Concerto for 2 harpsichords, 2 horns & strings in F major, Wq. 46 (H408),
Concerto for harpsichord and strings; Wq 20,
Concerto for keyboard solo in C major, Wq. 112/1 (H190),
Harpsichord Concerto in A minor, Wq. 26 (H430),
Harpsichord Concerto in C minor, Wq. 43/4 (H474),
Harpsichord Concerto in G major, Wq. 43/5 (H475),
Keyboard Concerto in C minor, Wq. 31 (H441),
Keyboard Concerto in D minor, Wq. 17 (H420),
Keyboard Concerto in D minor, Wq. 22 (H425),
Keyboard Concerto in D minor, Wq. 23 (H427),
Keyboard Concerto in E, Wq. 14 (H417),
Keyboard Concerto in G major, Wq. 44 (H477).


Michael Rische (Piano).

Michael Rische is one of a group of musicians that is small even in international terms, who consistently enrich the music scene with their discoveries. This need not imply a contradiction to the standard repertoire. After recording compositions on the notes “B-A-C-H” from Johann Sebastian Bach to the present during the Bach anniversary year of 2000, Michael Rische has been working with growing success on reaffirming the nearly forgotten piano concertos by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel in the music scene. Since 2011, he has been causing a stir with his recordings so far, and the media have been enthusiastically commenting on his recordings, worldwide. During C.P.E. Bach’s anniversary year of 2014, there was a Europe-wide live broadcast by the MDR in Leipzig featuring two of his piano concertos.

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