Wuttke, F. : Collaboration – Guitar Chamber Works

Κλασική Μουσική

“Wuttke, F. : Collaboration – Guitar Chamber Works”

1 CD

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Friedemann Wuttke (Guitar).


Violin & Guitar
1. Alla Turca (W.A. Mozart)
2. Oblivion (A. Piazzolla)
3. Escualo (A. Piazzolla)

The Tango Projects
4. Chiquilin de Bachin (A. Piazzolla)
5. Adios Nonino (A. Piazzolla)
6. Tango (A. Piazzolla)

Guitar & String Quartet
7. Orientale (E. Granados)
8. Sarabande (E. Granados)

Guitar & Chamber Orchestra
9. Adagio (J. Haydn)
10. Presto (J. Haydn)

Violoncello & Guitar
11. Rumänische Volkstänze Sz 56 (für Cello und Gitarre) B. Bartok

Guitar & String Quartet
12. Menuett (L. Boccherini)
13. Allegretto (L. Boccherini)

Guitar & Orchestra
14. Canario – Süd (J. Rodrigo)

The Dowland Concept
15. In darkness let me dwell (J. Dowland)

Guitar & String Quartet
16. Tanz des Müllers (Live) M. de Falla

Friedemann Wuttke, the internationally recognised guitarist, joins forces here with his musical friends and companions. The result is an entertaining programme which not only shows the musical association of these friends, but also demonstrates how eras and nations are connected through music. A colourful collection of interesting, popular pieces has come into being. This ranges from the Renaissance to the 20th century; from Argentina to Spain. We thus arrive at a very exciting interplay between widely diverging styles and a great variety of musicians, in musical encounters that arose from two decades of international concert appearances. The guitar is joined by various contributors who are carried away by the lightness and charm that Friedemann Wuttke allows to prevail through his choice of pieces. In everything, the will of the guitarist to do justice to his instrument, to the composers, and also to the listener, is displayed in ways that are both entertaining and demanding.

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