Mozart: Così Fan Tutte (Deluxe)

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“Mozart: Così Fan Tutte (Deluxe)”

3 CD | Booklet | Libretto

Προσφορά: €24.00

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Così fan tutte, K588.


Christopher Maltman (Baritone), Konstantin Wolff (Bass-Baritone), Malena Ernman (Mezzo-Soprano), Anna Kasyan (Soprano), Simone Kermes (Soprano), Kenneth Tarver (Tenor).

Chorus of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre.

MusicAeterna – Teodor Currentzis.

With “Così fan tutte” Teodor Currentzis and MusicAeterna reach the second stage of their wonderful journey through the Mozart-Da-Ponte operas. Currentzis is quite sceptical about the libretto. The protagonists are quite silly, the same applies to the story. Despite these librettist adversities, Mozart succeeded in achieving a divine result. Any Mozart lover can only agree with this conclusion. In the interpretation of Currentzis, MusicAeterna and the soloist ensemble “Così fan tutte” even succeeds super divinely.

“Così fan tutte” celebrates beauty and triumph of love in every note of music. Here Mozart created his best ensemble opera and the most intimate ensembles of his oeuvre. The soloists, Simone Kermes (Fiordiligi), Malena Ernman (Dorabella), Christopher Maltman (Guglielmo), Kenneth Tarver (Ferrando), Anna Kasyan (Despina) and Konstantin Wolff (Don Alfonso), together with the orchestra, lend the ensembles a sacred spirituality. This angelic grace of Mozart’s music stands in contrast to the grotesque libretto mentioned by Currentzis. From Currentzis’ point of view, this ‘break’ is wanted by Mozart. The contradiction between libretto and music is the basis of Mozart’s statement on love and Eros: as bizarre as love on earth may be – as described in the libretto – it is sublime and beautiful on a higher level – music

Currentzis, MusicAeterna and the soloists succeed with this second Da-Ponte production in creating a valuable milestone in detailed precision work. This “Così fan tutte” recording is a jewel and shines out of itself far into the musical landscape

The three CDs are released in a limited edition, in and with a high-quality book including the libretto. This edition is also visually and haptically a pleasure.

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