Beethoven Arranged By Mitterer: Nine Symphonies In One

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«Beethoven Arranged By Mitterer: Nine Symphonies In One”

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Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento – Gustav Kuhn.

All the themes from all of Beethoven’s symphonies, played live by an orchestra, concentrated into one hour and supplemented with electronics – that’s “Nine in One”. Or: a wild rollercoaster ride through the twists and turns of Ludwig van Beethoven’s brain. In the front carriage: Wolfgang Mitterer. He has a reputation, as a musician many’s the time he’s tormented the big concert organs of the continent, as well as composing for important orchestras, ensembles and opera houses, rocking it in jazz clubs or writing film music in his studio in Vienna. Off we go! Radial acceleration. Centrifugal force. Looping. The whole programme. And then what makes riding the rollercoaster so much fun suddenly happens: we can’t feel our own mass anymore, and we experience a moment of weight- lessness. A similar condition may also appear after listening to this album. But what’s certain is that from this point onwards, you hear the ‘New Testament of Music’, as Beethoven’s symphonies are also known, in a completely new way.

All tracks mixed, edited, composed and rearranged by Wolfgang Mitterer

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