Osvaldo Coluccino: Interni

Κλασική Μουσική

“Osvaldo Coluccino: Interni”

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Osvaldo Coluccino Interni for Flute.


Roberto Fabbriciani (Flute).

Roberto Fabbriciani presents Osvaldo Coluccino’s Interni, a cycle of six solo flute pieces for various versions of the instrument: From the beginning to the end of the work, every centimeter of the score (with a wealth of mathematically pinned details), each individual sound, although of a single instrument, is engaged to conduct, weakly, diversification, alterity, undecidability, multiplicity, difference … This is a journey to the most inner self of a composer through the human breath that aspires to be the alter ego of the instrument and vice versa. Original interpreter and versatile artist, Roberto Fabbriciani has innovated flute technique, multiplying through personal research the instrument’s sonorous possibilities. He has collaborated with some of the major composers of our time, many of whom have dedicated numerous and important works that he performed at their premiers.

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