Massenet: Amoureuse

Κλασική Μουσική

«Massenet: Amoureuse”


Προσφορά: €12.00


Rosamund Illing (Soprano).

Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra – Richard Bonynge.

Massenet: Ah, vous avez parlé (from Sapho)
Massenet: Amoureuse
Massenet: Avec tes compangnes guerrières (from Ariane)
Massenet: Ce que j’appelle beau (from Sapho)
Massenet: Il est doux, il est bon (from Hérodiade)
Massenet: Ils mentaient! A quoi bon (from Ariane)
Massenet: Je comprends … un héros! Un roi (from Ariane)
Massenet: Je vais bientôt quitter (from La Grand’Tante)
Massenet: Loÿs! Loÿs! (from Grisélidis)
Massenet: O mes sœurs (from Marie-Magdeleine)
Massenet: O mon fils (from La Vierge)
Massenet: O nuit (from Eve)
Massenet: Pleurez, mes yeux (Le Cid)
Massenet: Plus de tourments (from Le Cid)
Massenet: Rêve infini! (from La Vierge)
Massenet: Sainte Thérèse prie
Massenet: Solitude: demain je partirai (from Sapho)
Massenet: Vais-je rester ici? (from Sapho)
Massenet: Vous parlez de péril (from Chérubin)

`Amoureuse’, featuring soprano Ros Illing with the Australian Opera Ballet Orchestra conducted by Richard Bonynge, presents sacred and profane arias by Jules Massenet, including highlights from the composer’s operas La Vierge, Sapho, Herodiade, Grisélidis and Ariane as well as sacred songs such as Sainte Thérèse prie.

The recital is named after a song originally written for voice and piano, `Amoureuse’, presented here in its unpublished orchestration by Massenet himself.

`Amoureuse’ has been previously released, but is now represented as a hybrid SACD with new artwork and packaging in the form of a deluxe book CD.

Richard Bonynge’s curiosity, musical insight and instinct have remained intact throughout the six decades of his career. His ability to discover new repertoire and his dedication to working with young artists is a remarkable aspect of his music-making. This release features highly enjoyable operatic arias by the French composer Jules Massenet, most of them rarely performed or recorded, an area of repertoire for which Richard Bonynge is recognized as one of the greatest interpreters.

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