Power Of Love – British Opera Arias

Κλασική Μουσική

«Power Of Love – British Opera Arias”


Προσφορά: €12.00


Deborah Riedel (Soprano).

Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra – Richard Bonynge.

  1. Lurline: The Night Winds (Wallace)
    1. Il Talismano: Che Calmo Asil (Recit) — Placida Notte (Balfe)
    2. Maritana: ‘Tis The Harp In The Air (Wallace)
    3. The Siege Of Rochelle: ‘Twas In That Garden Beautiful (Balfe)
    4. Il Talismano: Nella Dolce Trepidanza (Recit & Cabaletta) (Balfe)
    5. Ivanhoe: Lord Of Our Chosen Race (Sullivan)
    6. The Rose Of Persia: ‘Neath My Lattice (Sullivan)
    7. Maritana: Scenes That Are Brightest (Wallace)
    8. Amasis: Little Princess, Look Up! (Faraday)
    9. The Rose Of Castille: The Convent Cell (Balfe)
    10. Satanella: There’s A Power Whose Sway (Balfe)
    11. The Maid Of Artois: The Rapture Dwelling In My Heart (Balfe)
    12. The Maid Of Artois: Yon Moon O’er The Mountain (Balfe)
    13. Satanella: Oh! Could I But His Heart Enslave (Balfe)
    14. The Puritan’s Daughter: Bliss For Ever Past (Balfe)
    15. Lurline: The Naiad’s Spell (Wallace)
    16. Love’s Triumph: These Withered Flowers (Wallace)
    17. The Amber Witch: My Long Hair Is Braided (Wallace)

‘Power of Love’ was originally released in Australia in 2000, but with little or no distribution in the UK. It is now reissued as an SACD Hybrid in Deluxe packaging with new cover artwork, by Ken Cato, and a 46-page colour booklet with essay, aria translations and rare colour illustrations.

Contains rare 19th century British opera arias, many of which received world premiere recordings from the Richard Bonynge Archive. Bonynge is an authority on late 19th century opera.

Leading Australian soprano Deborah Riedel is here in magnificent vocal form, at times sounding uncannily like Joan Sutherland, but with a strength and richness all her own. She is featured as Sieglinde in Melba’s acclaimed Wagner ‘Ring’ cycle.

Gramophone – April 2002
«…pleasant – sometimes more than that – to hear music that falls so easily on the ear, especially when it is performed, as here by Bonynge and Deborah Riedel, with such skill and dedication.”

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