Vocal Treasures Of The 18th And 19th Century

Κλασική Μουσική

«Vocal Treasures Of The 18th And 19th Century”

1 CD

Προσφορά: €12.00


Deborah Riedel (Soprano).

Arcadia Lane Orchestra – Richard Bonynge.

Arne: Love in a Village: Gentle Youth
Bach, J C: Cefalo e Procri: Privo del mio tesoro
Bianchi, A: Ines de Castro: La Preghiera
Boyce: Tell, me lovely shepherd
Cimarosa: Giannina e Bernardone: La donna che è amante
Cimarosa: Il mio cor gli affetti miei
Crescentini: Sento mancarmi l’anima
Dalayrac: Nina: Quand le bien-aimé reviendra
Generali: Per Pietà
Gretry: Les Deux Avares: Plus de dépit
Hasse, J A: L’amor Prigioniero: Pace e Amor
Hook: The Lass of Richmond Hill
Hook: The Nightingale
Horn, C E: Cherry Ripe
Mayr: Gran Messa da Requiem: Ingemisco
Paisiello: Hope told a flatt’ring tale
Portugal: La Donna di Genio Volubile: Per amar abbiamo il core
Soler, V M: Una Cosa Rara: Dolce mi parve un dì
Storace, Stephen: Lodoiska: Ye Streams that Round my Prison Creep
Winter, P von: Il Ratto di Proserpina: Paga fui
Zingarelli: Giulietta e Romeo: Ombra adorata, aspetta

Exciting new addition to Melba’s ongoing Richard Bonynge Collection

Contains rare Italian, French and English opera arias and, all receiving world premiere recordings from the Richard Bonynge Archive: an eclectic mix of composers, from late 18th Century English masters such as J C Bach, Boyce and Thomas Arne via Cimarosa and Mayr to little known songsmiths such as Crescentini, Pietro Generali and Stephen Storace

Songs are all from the 18th and 19th centuries, but the main unifying principle is that all of them have – at one point or another – been discarded or forgotten

The glorious Sieglinde in the Melba Ring Cycle, leading Australian soprano Deborah Reidel is in magnificent vocal form. At times she sounds uncannily like Joan Sutherland in her timbre, but has a strength and richness all her own

Booklet has a wealth of information, complete song texts & translations of all arias

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