Alma: Nativa

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Julia Lacherstorfer (Violin, Vocals), Evelyn Mair (Violin, Vocals), Matteo Haitzmann (Violin, Vocals), Marie-Theres Stickler (Styrian Accordion, Vocals), Marlene Lacherstorfer (Double Bass, Vocals).



are five young, classically trained musicians whose lives have always been entangled with traditional folk music. They all grew up in musical families, and from their earliest age their commitment to both traditional and classical music was as important to them as going to school or riding a bike. Their enthusiasm naturally led them to seek academic training (at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, Mozarteum Salzburg, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz) to enhance their musical as well as their pedagogical education.

With their roots deeply embedded in traditional folk music, and drawing on their training in various musical instruments and genres as well as a keen interest in cultures and customs, ALMA have been making music together since 2011, music that comes straight from the soul, and is meant to reach the listeners in the place where their own roots lie hidden; music that does not involve the intellect but goes straight to your heart, and maybe your legs.

These young musicians cherish the traditional as much as they love improvisation; after all, folk music always adapts to the present and to its contemporaries. This approach is the basis of the ensemble’s carefully selected, wide-ranging repertoire, which includes old yodels, songs and traditional melodies as well as own compositions and new arrangements of familiar tunes.


guests on track 11: Barbara Ebner, Sabina Kreslehner, Julia Schedlberger, Anna Zöchbauer, Alexandra Erben, Magdalena Mayr, Tamara Radak, Katharina Schmid, Malte Feldmann, Martin Nikendei, Karl Kiniger, Clemens Wannemacher, Stefan Krasnik, Sebastian Schmid und Simon Sorge.
Florian Maierl, conductor

Alma: Nativa
Νο Τίτλος Διάρκεια
1 tschlin 01:11
2 Valse de Mals 04:05
3 Ummtschaga 03:18
4 Endholzner Feuerwehrtuschpolka 02:44
5 Almschroa 02:25
6 ur 00:45
7 Admonter Echojodler 01:26
8 Bourrée 03:38
9 walpurgi 00:46
10 La sorcière de montmartre 04:56
11 Der Mond ist aufgegangen 05:56
12 Steirer 04:23
13 Schleuniger 02:26
14 luna 01:04
15 Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) 04:52
16 Das wackere Mondlied 04:18
17 Apfelmusette 03:51
18 origen 01:18
19 Lahnjodler & Schwommatanz 04:32
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