Andreas Skouras Plays Weib

Photo: Andreas Skouras Plays Weib



Τιμή: €17.00

Michael Bastian Weiß Fragmenta Missarum Pro Defunctis,
Sonate Über Die Dunkelheit.


Andreas Skouras (Piano And Harpsichord).
The Charm of the Impossible: Michael Bastian Weiß has discovered the subject-matter of his life in the richly-layered relationship between art and science, between music and philosophy. He lives in Munich as a composer and philosopher. For Weiß, rather, the challenge is to extend the instrument and its possibilities out beyond itself. Likewise, the entire duration of the work, which is also his 2nd symphony, is colossal. At 50 minutes it explodes every conventional notion of cembalo music. He liberates the instrument from older and more recent historical models and creates a wholly new kind of music for it.

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