Atos Trio: The French Album

Photo: Atos Trio: The French Album

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Cécile Chaminade Trio No. 2 A Minor Op. 34.
Jean Françaix Piano Trio (1986).
Claude Debussy Piano Trio G Major (1880).
Lili Boulanger D‘Un Matin De Printemps.


Atos Trio.

“The repertoire for piano trio holds many surprises as well as treasures and great masterworks, and we get the chance to interprete these incredible pieces many times, again and again. In times of an ever-growing pace of life, of crossover arts and highspeed careers, the chance to repeatedly and steadily work together on these wonderful pieces has become a luxury and a necessity to us. We tremendously enjoy the freedom to form own ideas and concepts and to make our own decisions, as a piano trio – a freedom that is inate to the concept of chamber music.” ATOS Trio

French music.

“French music. Straightaway, there are stereotypes that come to mind: one thinks of airy sprinklings of luscious sound, elegant but anaemic. But Cécile Chaminade‘s Trio No. 2 already ignores these prejudices. This music is hotblooded, passionate, with a full-fisted, juicy piano part that even a Brahms would have taken a delight in. The Lento is one of my favourites – a fairytale from One Thousand and One Nights, inspired, absolutely wonderful! How different the piano trio by Françaix is! How mordant and ironic, what fun it has with the 5/8 time signature and with its high-spirited cacophony; but it always remains charming, with the kind of elegance we might associate with a smokefilled café in the fifties. Debussy‘s early work also sounds unexpected. Sometimes gentle and friendly, but also effusive on occasion, it often reminds us of his great models at the time he was writing it: R. Schumann (4th movement!) and C. Saint-Saens (what a beautiful swan we encounter in the cello solo at the start of the Andante…). Finally, L. Boulanger‘s short work about a spring morning is full of imagination and persuasive power and shines with expressive intent and brilliance. These are all wonderfully different works that the realm of chamber music has given us here – rich in colours, glowing in expression, sometimes caustic, ironic and trenchant, always human and written from the bottom of the heart.” Thomas Hoppe

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