Bach: Complete Orchestral Works

Photo: Bach: Complete Orchestral Works

Hänssler Classic

(11 CD)

Τιμή: €27.00

Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral Suites Nos. 1-4 Bwv1066-1069,
Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1-6 Bwv1046-1051 (Complete),
Violin Concerto No. 1 In A Minor Bwv1041,
Stuttgart Bach Collegium,
Violin Concerto No. 2 In E Major Bwv1042,
Concerto For Two Violins In D Minor Bwv1043,
Keyboard Concertos Nos. 1-7 Bwv1052-1058,
Concerto For Oboe & Violin In C Minor Bwv1060,
Concerto For Two Keyboards In C Major Bmv1061,
Concerto For Two Keyboards In C Minor Bmv1062,
Concerto For Two Keyboards In C Major Bmv1061A,
Concerto For Three Keyboards In D Minor Bwv1063,
Concerto For Three Keyboards In C Major Bwv1064,
Concerto For Four Keyboards In A Minor (After Vivaldi) Bwv1065,
Concerto For Flute Violin & Harpsichord In A Minor Bwv1044,
Triple Concerto In D Major Bwv1050A,
Oboe Concerto In F Major Bwv1053,
Oboe D’Amore Concerto In A Major Bwv1055,
Oboe Concerto (After Bwv1056 & Bwv156),
Oboe Concerto In D Minor Bwv1059,
Concerto For Oboe Violin And Strings Bwv1060R,
Violin Concerto In D Minor Bwv1052,
Violin Concerto In G Minor Bwv1056,
Concerto For 3 Violins Strings & Continuo In D Major (Reconstruction) Bwv 1064R,
Concerto In D Major Bwv1045: Sinfonie.


Jean-Claude Gérard (Flute), Robert Levin (Harpsichord), Jeffrey Kahne (Harpsichord), Mario Videla (Harpsichord), Michael Behringer (Harpsichord), Boris Kleiner (Harpsichord), Robert Levin (Harpsichord), Ingo Goritzki (Oboe/Oboe D’Amore), Christoph Poppen (Violin), Isabelle Faust (Violin), Muriel Cantoreggi (Violin).

Oregon Bach Festival Chamber Orchestra, Helmuth Rilling

Stuttgart Bach Collegium, Helmuth Rilling

Oregon Bach Festival Orchestra, Helmuth Rilling.

The complete recording of orchestral works by J.S. Bach performed by the Gächinger Kantorei, Bach-Collegium Stuttgart, as well as numerous top singers and instrumentalists under the leadership of Helmuth Rilling is a musical landmark! From this convincingly played music, multiple award winning series of recordings comes this 11 CD newly packaged edition of the complete orchestral works of the ‘Cantor of Leipzig.’

Apart from the famous Brandenburg Concertos and the concertos this box set also includes reconstructions of works originally intended for other solo instruments, all of which are discussed in the extensive booklet essay on the possibilities and limits of musical reconstruction – all of which neatly packaged at an attractive price!