Brass, Daniel Schnyder

Photo: Brass, Daniel Schnyder



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Daniel Schnyder Trumpet Concerto,
Little Songbook,


Trumpet Concerto. Reinhold Friedrich (Trumpet & Flugelhorn).

Ndr Radio Philharmonic , Kristjan Järvi.

Little Songbook. Daniel Schnyder (Saxophone).

Manhattan Brass.

Subzero. David Taylor (Bass Trombone).

Absolute Ensemble.

Kristjan Järvi.

Daniel Schnyder’s orchestral and chamber works have been performed all over the world. Among his credits as a composer are commissions for Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Vienna Tonkuenstler Orchestra, Norrlands Opera, Chicago Sinfonietta, Vienna Art Orchestra, Tonhalle Orchestra Zürich, Berne Opera, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Absolute Ensemble and many others. Schnyder is also a consultant and Composer in Residence at the Yehudi Menuhin Festival in Gstaad (Switzerland) and Composer in Residence with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. He also produced and arranged albums for jazz artists and worked on a variety of projects that merge classical music, jazz, Arab and Chinese music. Schnyder’s dedication to wind instruments is documented on his new album «Brass» that unites three individual works of his, performed by great musicians. Reinhold Friedrich, one of the leading classical trumpeters of our time, is well aware of the challenges of Schnyder’s Trumpet Concerto that reflects the wide possibilities of the modern trumpet. Friedrich is able to transform his instrument into a global voice, combining classical finesse with the delicate phrasing of jazz. The middle movement of the concerto is written for fluegelhorn in Bb. Little Songbook is a humorous six-movement suite for soloist and brass quintet, played by the composer himself on saxophone and New York’s famous brass quintet Manhattan Brass — consisting of Wayne du Maine (trumpet), Lew Soloff (trumpet), Ann Elsworth (french horn), Mike Seltzer (trombone) and David Taylor (bass trombone). The incredible David Taylor is also the soloist in Schnyder’s virtuosic Bass Trombone Concerto «subZERO». It was written especially for Taylor and Absolute Ensemble. A keen advocate of contemporary music, Kristjan Järvi has conducted numerous premières by emerging international composers. Järvi is the founder and music director of Absolute Ensemble, formed in 1993 in New York. He has also been Assistant Conductor with the L.A. Philharmonic (1998-2000) and Principal Conductor of the Norrlands Opera and Symphony Orchestra in Umea, Sweden (2000-2004) before becoming Chief Conductor of the Tonkünstler Orchestra, Vienna.

Brass: Daniel Schnyder

Νο Τίτλος Διάρκεια
1 Trumpet Concerto Part I 09:39
2 Trumpet Concerto Part II 04:59
3 Trumpet Concerto Part III 06:27
4 Little Songbook: Dancer 02:35
5 Little Songbook: Love Affair 04:12
6 Little Songbook: Voyager 02:12
7 Little Songbook: Blue And Lonely 05:49
8 Little Songbook: Bananas 02:08
9 Little Songbook: Catch Me 01:36
10 Subzero Part I: Subzero 08:09
11 Subzero Part Ii: Sama’i Thaqil 06:18
12 Subzero Part Iii: Zoom Out 03:00
Total time: 57’04

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